How To Use a Bubbler

I remember my first bong; I did not know how much water to use nor the difference between the bowl and percolator! Here we give some tips and tidbits on how to use your new bubbler!


This is a classic beaker styled bong made by  Regent Glass.


I like to view the bong as the engine and the herb as the gasoline;

You need the bong to drive it and you need the herb to help fuel it - which brings us to one of the most important pieces - The Bowl

 This is a classic bowl piece that can be sourced from our accessory shop


As you can already tell, the bowl piece comes in all shapes and sizes but its primary function is to hold your herb. It typically slides into the first joint of your bong hence its nickname "a slide."


Once it's packed in its time to light it up!

We recommend using a hemp wick which keeps harmful butane and gasses out your hit. Also, check out our herbal grinders to get your herb chopped right!

And a final note on water Level:

 You want enough water that it covers the bubbler, but not so much water that you leave no room for the smoke to accumulate! (Percolators may affect the amount of water you put in.)

Then all that's left is to smoke through the glass( well, you actually cant smoke through the glass that's impossible... smoke through the mouthpiece and toke it out!)

I hope you enjoy our guide. We hope it is time to buy your bong and have a good time!



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