The Best Honeycomb Bongs of RockyGreenKing

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Honeycomb percolator bongs are on sale today!

Check out our bong shop for all our perc types.

As the name suggests the honeycomb percolator resembles the honeycomb structure of a beehive. Some of our highlights:

Honeycomb Percolator #1

The RockyGreenKing 11 in bong features a nested 3 comb percolator.

This bong gives fast percolation at an incredible price of only $30.00 bucks!

Honeycomb Percolator #2

This ultra red bong features a double honeycomb perc also known as a waffle.

A superior functioning bong for only $46.99!

Honeycomb Percolator #3

This is another waffle perc but can you say classy? 

This Honeycomb perc comes with an ice catcher so you can further cool your bong smoke the moment before it hits your lungs :-0

Honeycomb Percolator #4

Pretty girly and pretty, this bong is part of our girly bong collection.

Pretty bubbles to percolate your smoke. If the bubbles were only pink! This bong is on sale for $29.99 USD!

Honeycomb Percolator #5

And last but not least this is one beast of a bong.

4 percolators in one to include our trusty honeycomb!

At $138 you know you are getting the best of the best!

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