Honeycomb Rigs

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What is a Honeycomb Rig?

A bong will use a bowl, but a rig will use a banger/nail for concentrates.


You can easily convert any honeycomb bong into a full blown rig!

1) Check Out these Honeycomb Bongs:      


If you get the right banger or nail!  (Next Step) - Your Honeycomb bong will turn into the perfect rig

2) Add a 14mm or 18mm male Quartz Banger to you your order (the size needs to match the "Joint Size" on the bong page)

 These bangers easily convert your piece into a full blown rig.  

3) Add Both to order and now you have a low cost / effective rig. :)


How Much Water to Fill Your Rig with?

The rig needs enough water to bubble, but low enough to not splash! FFS

How do you clean Your Rig?

The simplest method would be salt and water but you can read a more detailed cleaning guide here:


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