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Honeycomb water pipes are everywhere in the smoking community, and we carry all types of water pipes ranging from slender and tall, to small and portable. Our water pipes come at various price points in every color and size.

Feel free to read on and educate yourself about these fantastic honeycomb pipes or browse our main honeycomb waterpipe collection.

Buy One of These Honeycomb Water Pipes!

 triple honeycomb water pipes

These are 3 triplecomb honeycomb water pipes.

This is a triple clear honeycomb water pipe.

This is a Rainbow Honeycomb water pipe


How Honeycomb Water Pipes Work?

Honeycomb water pipes come with a special percolator known as the honeycomb percolator, which is usually made of glass. They honeycomb water percolator uses bee-like honeycomb structures that can be stacked with others to help aerate the waiter even more. The aeration is thanks to the many tiny bubbles the percolator makes that helps to traps particles and makes the smoke hit more smoothly.

Honeycomb Water Pipe Types

Honeycomb water pipe bongs will typically come with 1 or more honeycomb discs that are as follows:


The Single Honeycomb Water Pipe: The Single Honeycomb water pipe is usually the cheapest of the honeycomb pipes. A single honeycomb percolator is used to achieve the desired effect and is typically found in smaller honeycomb pipes.


The Double Honeycomb Water Pipe:  The slightly taller Double-Stack Honeycomb pipe cost more, due to the extra glass and craftsmanship required to create the double honeycomb disc configuration. The double discs increases filtration for a better smoking session.


The Triple Honeycomb Water Pipe: The Triple honeycomb pipe will normally measure 12 inches or taller to accommodate the extra percolators.  Unfortunately, triple pipes will also cost more from the extra glass and skill require to build such a water pipe.

Multi Honeycomb Water Pipes:  Other water pipes such as recyclers might incorporate honeycomb discs into the design to help filtrate the smoke. These honeycombs can be placed in the middle, bottom, or top to achieve this effect.

Keep in mind that each honeycomb percolator will slightly increase the smoke drag. Some users prefer harder drags, but it may be harder to take in quick gulps of smoke.


Are Honeycomb Waterpipes Good?

Yes, honeycomb water pipes are good!  The bongs look great, the standardized disc sizes means these pipes can be made affordably and cheaply, and you can get upgrades such as shatter proof glass or an ice catcher.  Be prepared to spend extra cash for the most premium of honeycomb percolator pipes.

How to Clean Honeycomb Water Pipe?

Your waterpipe will quickly start to develop films of gunk if you do not clean your pipe. Just like any other water pipe, it is essential to clean honeycomb bongs in the same fashion, to do this:

1) Poor bong cleaner or isopropyl alcohol into your pipe, and let the solution soak in the pipe for the gunk to loosen. 

2) Use a rubber band or bong plug to secure both ends of your bong so that solution does not come out of your pipe.

3) Shake your glass like your about to get down to to your favorite music, and keep working the magic until most of the grime starts to come off.


4) Rinse your honeycomb pipe out with water several times and viola! You have a shiny, squeaky clean water pipe!

5) Repeat the steps as necessary

Ready to Buy the Best Honeycomb Water Pipe?

Honeycomb water pipes are great and you t0o can own a  honeycomb Water Pipe! You'll enjoy getting your smoke silky smooth and we have a selection of different honeycomb water pipes for everyone!

For the smooth smoke sessions, a triple or double honeycomb water pipe will probably suit you best. If you just need the basics, you can probably get away with a single honeycomb percolator, but the smoke might be a bit harsher.

Feel free to reach out to our customer service for any questions. You must be 21 years or older to purchase the honeycomb water pipe.


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