Triple Honey Comb Bongs

Posted by Rocky Green King on

A Triple Honeycomb bong (also known as a Honeycomb Bong) uses triple honeycomb percolators to smoke substances. Smoke moves from the lower chamber to the upper 2 chambers as shown in the picture.

Functionally, a triple honeycomb percolator works like any other bong, except they will sometimes be taller to accommodate the extra percolators. The threefold chambers are typically made out of glass and filter the smoke once it gets absorbed through the bowl. You will need to keep the bowl inserted as you inhale and then once you remove the bowl, you will be hit with smoke that is three times as good!

Triple honeycomb percolators were soon made after the single honeycomb bong was first built. Some bongs might have 4 or 5 honeycombs, but that is much more rare.


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