Canada Legalizes Cannabis!

Canada is the first of modern nations to make cannabis legal throughout the entire country.

Bill C-45

Bill C-45, also known as the Cannabis Act, was approved to permit nationwide legalization starting October 17, 2018, with Canadian provinces soon to roll out their own provisions of the law.

The law allows for the possession, sale and use of the drug, and the possession of up to 4 plants.

Legalization Implications

Legalization will allow the Canadian government to better regulate the drug and dissuade its users from resorting to the black markets.

Enforcement of the drug is expensive, with 10s of thousands of violations, eating at law enforcement resources, for what would be considered small amounts of the drug. Legalization could now provide a small income in the form of a tax.


International Implications

Legalization could raise tensions with countries historically known to be against the drug to include China and Russia. Canada, which is now in direct violation of international drug treaties, could respond in one of several ways:

  • Bolivia faced a similar problem when its legislation approved cocoa leaf chewing, prompting Bolivia to leave the 1961 convention on narcotic drugs: only for Bolivia to simply rejoin with cocoa leaves as a provision; we could imagine Canada following similar footsteps.


  •  It could follow Uruguay, a nation that simply refuses to acknowledge that it is in violation of treaties.

Canada's defiance of international drug law may create a president for legalizing cannabis worldwide...

Final Thoughts

At RockyGreenKing we are pro-legalization and envision a globe where every individual has the freedom to make his or her choices.

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