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 Welcome to the 2018 RockyGreenKing Review of Unique Bongs!

We are all familiar with the classic beaker... and straight end bong.
Little do you know how incredibly more diverse bongs can be!

Mega Unique Dab Rig

Mega Unique Dab Rig]

A dab rig to call unique for sure!
More recyclers then can be counted at a ridiculous height.
Measures 10.5in with a 14.5mm joint.

Glow in the Dark Rig

Unique Glow in the Dark Rig

A unique Bong that glows in the Dark.

A basic straightened bong nonetheless - but for $58.90 don't forget that this bong glows in the dark!

Unique Penis Bong

Unique Penis Bong

Ok so maybe one of the weirdest designs out there. But at $33 truly it can be said that a unique bong can be made in any shape or form!

Measures 7in tall, The Perfect Party Bong


Unique Dog Bong

Unique Dog BOng

Cute as it is unique. This Bong runs at $80 and is a bit smaller than most.Small in size - But its a dog!

Measures 5in with a 14.4mm joint

Unique Flower Bong

Unique Flower Bong

For the romantic heart in all of us. At $65.00 the flower bong hits just perfect as functional as it is beautiful.

Let the flowering percolator tell just an equally powerful story to the high!

Measures 16.5in with a 14.4mm joint

Unique Juice Bong

Unique Juice Bong

A Juice Bong?? Now wee seen everything. This is a basic bubbler running at $19.99. Unique and affordable!

Measures 7.5in with a 14.4mm joint

Unique Rocket Bong

Unique Rocket Bong

High as a kite or high as a rocket? For $59.99 be both!

Measures 10in with a 14.4mm joint

Unique Microscope Bong

Unique Microscope BOng

Awaken the evil genius in all of us... we all remember the classic beaker bong. One up the scientific bong and get that microscope bong for $80.00.
Measures 14in with an 18.8mm joint(for extra big hits!)

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