Bottle Bongs - These Bongs Look like Bottles!

Are you looking for a bottle bong, or simply convert any bottle into a bong?

Well, we got you!

These pieces either look like bottles or help you convert your ordinary drinking bottle into a bong. We have a few bottle bongs, and converter kits, available in our store. Looking for a bottle bong? Here we go!

Turn Any Bottle Into a Bong

With this nifty fella, you can convert your water bottles, and soda bottles into a bong. These bottle transformers come in many colors and you can buy a pack of 12 for $60.

Bottle Bong

This bottle bong might look simple but we think it looks pretty nice! This is a smaller sized bong that measures 7in with a 14mm joint. This Bottle bong is on sale for $34.

Baby Bottle Bong

Now this bong is crazy. This is meant for the inexperienced smokers ;) but not babies! On sale for $30!

Soda Bottle Bottle Bong

Now, this is a classic. You might have made these, but this is a permanent soda bong! Cost $38 bucks buy today!


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