Dab Rings

  • $80.00

Don't Let that Perfect Session elude you without our dab ring Bong!

How does it work? 

An inline percolator breaks your smoke into many tiny bubbles so that water surface tensions begin to cool and smooth that harsh smoke. 4 tubes then help cycle the smoke over and over until a fully cooled ultra smooth hit hits your lungs

A free bowl is included for herbs... be sure to check our shop and add an additional dab nail to your purchase order if you wish to smoke concentrates.

The pipe is a decent height of 11 inches and features 5mm thick glass( harder to break but please do take care of your bong!)


Item specifics:

  • Material: Glass   
  • Net Weight: 0.48kg  
  • Thickness: 5mm  
  • Joint: 14.5mm Female  
  • Height: 28cm=11inch


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