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Rocky Green King

Rainbow Bong For Sale!

Rainbow Bong For Sale!

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The Rainbow bong: featuring all the colors of the rain-Bud :)

This gorgeous bong features 3 percolators to moisturize and prevent those harsh hits.

The additional Ice catcher allows the addition of ice for an additional cooling effect.

Material: Glass

Joint Size: 18.8mm (for extra big hits)

Height: 36cm = 14in

Weight: 560g

Worldwide Shipping

Glass Bowl Included

Fast 1 Week Arrival (For the USA Only)
Take one toke and the smoke will begin a journey, its first of many, through the many cavities its inline percolator - purifying the smoke of all its contamination.
The euphoria-inducing smoke then makes way through  the honeycomb filter- forcing the smoke to give up its blistering cough inducing heat. 
As the smoke makes its final passage way through the tree perc and into the unkown.. all that's left is one hell of a good hit :)
We've Missed you. Don't be late ;)

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