Ultra cool teal glass water bong with ash catcher

  • $120.00

Our Ultra cool teal glass water bong is simply gorgeous!

Our Teal glass water bongs has a Huge UFO percolator (the showerhead perc with dome resembles a "UFO") that combines beauty in shape and design so that your herb can be smoked, cooled to perfection, and without the harshness.
Comes with an optional ash catcher that includes a triple honeycomb percolator to even further filter your smoke... while restricting the build-up of ash to your bong... so your bong stays fresh and clean longer :)

Item specifics

  • Material: High strength Borosilicate Glass  
  • Joint: 18.8mm
  • Height: 29cm =11.5in

Comes with Free BOWL! :) and optional Ash Catcher. Please select your option at Check out

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