12in Tree Percolator Bong

  • $80.00

Feast your eyes on the 12in Tree Percolator Bong!

This tall slender bong uses tree percolation Technology to cool and smooth your smoke groove down to a better enjoyment threshold. 

Combined with the power of a honeycomb percolator at the base, you're sure to experience a more pleasurable hit as you take in that first drag.

This bong comes with a glass nail and dome + a bowl for dual use with concentrates or solids. It comes in green or blue. What better deal do you want? ;)

12in Tree Percolator Bong Specifics

Height: 32cm = 12in

Bong Joint: 18mm (wide for massive smokage)

Thickness: 3-4mm

Weight: .5kg

Package Weight: .9kg

All Bongs come with a glass nail and dome + A Bowl for Dual Use 


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