Dab Nectar Collector

  • $40.00

This is a dab nectar collector more commonly referred to as just a nectar collector. This collector can be used for dabs or any concentrate for that matter.

There is no need to buy a dab rig when you can get a portable, easy to use dab nectar collector!

What is the Dab Nectar Collector?

The dab nectar collector is a modified hand-held pipe that comes with a  Titanium tip nail that can be heated and then inserted into your favorite concentrate. 

That's right, there is no need to fumble loading oils/concentrates into a banger, or nail, because you can dip this right into the concentrate!

How to Use the Dab Nectar Collector?

1) Place your concentrate into heat tolerant container

2) Heat the titanium nail for about 5 seconds ( You dont want to leave the nail too long in the heat - it will burn your concentrate and it will not hit nicely!)

3) Dip your dab nectar collector into the.... nectar and then puff away through the mouth piece!

Dab Nectar Collector Specifics

Joint: 14mm

Colors: Blue, Purple, White, Green, or Black

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Arrival 1-4 Weeks


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