Quartz Nectar Collector

  • $22.00

This is the Quartz Nectar Collector. The quartz nectar collector is a tool that lets you smoke concentrates directly from the container instead of a dab rig. The Quartz tip is ideal because it can heat up quicker then a titanium nail. However, the titanium naill retains heat longer which can also be selected as an option.  

How to use the Quartz Nectar Collector

To use the quartz nectar collector simply:

1) Insert your concentrate into a heat resistant container

2) Heat the quartz nail for about 5 seconds ( You dont want to do it too long because you will not only vaporize, but also fry your concentrate leaving something unpleasant!)

3) Dip Your Quartz nectar collector into the concentrate, puff and enjoy!

Quartz Nectar Collector Specifics

Joint Size: Size: 10mm / 14mm / or 18mm

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