12in Tall Triple Honeycomb Birdcage Percolator

  • $80.00

Size: This 12in bong actually measures 12.6in and has very thick 5mm glass which makes for a very solid water Pipe.

Percolation: You have 3 honeycomb percolators with massive birdcage perc through the center to give you maximum filtration.

Joint Size: An 18.8mm Joint lets the smoke flow right through, and with a clear finish, you can see exactly what's going on when you're taking your puffs.

Splash Guards: Three splash guards (ice retainers) allows you to keep that water down... while at the same time supports adding ice cubes, through its long neck, so that you can enjoy cooler smoking sessions.

Dab Rig or Bowl: The bong can be purchased with a banger for dabs or a bowl for concentrates.

Tall Honeycomb Percolator Specifics

Height: 32cm = 12.6"

Joint Size: 18.8mm Female

Thickness: 5mm

Package Weight: 900g

Net Weight: 430g

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