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Rocky Green King

The Unbreakable Bong | Small | Affordable

The Unbreakable Bong | Small | Affordable

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This Unbreakable Bong is nearly indestructible. Toss it. Smash it. And use it again and again! This small unbreakable bong is made out of Silicone and is super affordable. It comes delivered thinly folded into a discrete yellow envelope.

Simply unravel the bong and start to use it!

Quite simply: 

  • If you want a quick hitter that you don't need to worry about breaking - this bong is for you!
  • If you are not ready for a full glass bong quite yet and want something small and unbreakable this bong is for you!

Note: Please keep in mind that this is a smaller bong that measures 7.8in tall and 1.85in in diameter. 

Dimensions:   7.80in Tall // 1.85in diameter (small and adorable)

Style: This Unbreakable Bong has a Straight Tube Shape and is a basic Bubbler

Material: Silicone

Colors: Black, Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Whitish Clear

Ships To the USA Only
Arrival In 1 Week Via USPS Ground

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