Glow in the Dark Alien Bong

  • $50.00

This is a glow in the dark alien bong, as represented by hundreds of tiny alien heads that covers the entire body of the bong. This bong measures 10in tall, which makes it a good height for gripping - while not being "to tall."

So how does this bong glow? It uses phosphor dust to achieve its effect, and while this bong is indeed built from alien technology - well we're just kidding! This bong is indeed made of silicone which is almost impossible to break.

This bong is a basic straight tube bubbler, which bubbles the water as you inhale, to give your smoke some filtration before you take a puff. 

If your looking for an inexpensive bong that is "out of this world" we would recommend you give this bong a try today.

Glow in the Dark Alien Bong Specifics

Height: 10in

Weight: 367g

Material: Silicone

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Arrival In 1-4 Weeks

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