Triple Perc Bong with Honeycomb Percolator

  • $80.00

This triple perc bong is great for legal smoking!

Honeycomb percs do a great job in breaking up your smoke into tiny bubbles, and this triple perc bong uses 3 honeycomb percolators stacked on top of 3 chambers to get the job done.

What Other Features Does this Triple Perc Bong Have?

  • This is a fairly tall bong that has decent height measuring at 12.6in which is taller than your average small bong(normally its easier to get more height out of these straight tube bongs.) Because of the room, we are able to stack more percolators on top of each other in a triple chamber/triple perc fashion. 
  • 5mm thick glass gives this bong a sturdy feel, and because of the thickness, the thick glass adds a little bit more weight to the bong. Instead of triple filtering your smoke with a fragile piece, this bong will feel sturdy in your hands
  • Splash guards keep the water down, so you can triple filter your smoke without needing to worry much about the splashback. You can also fill the top with ice to get cooler hitting smoke from your triple percolation.

If you're looking to get a great smoking session going - consider using one of these triple perc bongs!


Triple Perc Bong Specifics

Height: 32cm = 12.6"

Joint Size: 18.8mm Female

Thickness: 5mm

Package Weight: 900g

Net Weight: 430g

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