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At the RockyGreenKing Bong Shop, we believe that a smoking session is to be enjoyed. Our Bong shop continues to grow and here you can find bong bubblers, percolators, and recycler bongs.

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Things to note when buying a bong

First thing First! A bong, also known as a water-pipe, is versatile in nature, providing water filtration to achieve a smoother more fuller rip then what can be achieved from a pipe. Different shapes and sizes are available from our bong shop which may seem overwhelming at first. Here we Break it down into what is most important:


Bong Type

At the RockyGreenKing bong shop, we offer three main varieties of water pipe


Bong Percolators

A Percolator bong is one level up from the trusted bubbler bong and contain filtration devices called percolators that help filter and cool the smoke for a smoother rip. Percolators function by creating tiny bubbles to increase surface area to the smoke - resulting in a cleaner smoother hit. THC does not get absorbed through the water so rest assure the hit will be pure.

Note: Increased Percolation tends to diminish the flavor of the hit. If the flavor is what you crave, it is best to go with less percolation and more recycling.

Percolator Drag

Bongs can be designed to have 1, 2, or 4,000 percolators. There is no limit to how far the smoke can be filtered. However, Increased percolation leads to increase drag (How strong you need to inhale to get the smoke.) Larger holes will reduce drag and smaller holes will increase drag. It is desirable to have some drag in a rip. The strength of the drag is a personal preference. Every Bong is different with some having more percolators and more filtration than others.

Percolator Attachments

Certain bubblers can also function as a percolator by switching the downstream attachment for a downstream with a diffuser. A downstem is the long rod that connects your bowl or banger to the bong. Not all bongs are designed for downstem use.

Percolator Shape

Percolators can come in different shapes and sizes to include honeycomb percolators, tree percolators, and helix percolators to name a few. Honeycomb percolators use tiny holes to break the bubbles, while the tree percolator ruses tiny slits to break the smoke.  All percolators function the same - they all use bubbles to cool the smoke.


Bong Bubblers

Offer basic water filtration for the smoke. Cheaper than a Percolator- bubblers provide better filtration than a pipe but worse filtration than a percolator. Bubblers generally have less drag(takes less pressure to inhale - some pressure is desirable.) 

Bong Recyclers

Smoke is recycled through the water reducing drag and prevents smoke from getting stale, and results in a smoother cooler hit. Recyclers can be combined with Percolators for an overall compound effect. Recyclers are generally more expensive, but have some of the craziest, coolest designs and offers the best value.



Bong Size

Our Bong Shop carries both Small and Large Bongs. Optimal size will depend on its use

Small bongs

Small bongs compress the smoke into a smaller volume and offer less filtration - which can make one cough more from the increased harshness of the smoke. However, a small bong's portability is plus and they also tend to be cheaper in price.

Large bongs

Large bongs spread the smoke over a larger volume and have more room for the smoke to cool -  for a deeper, smoother hit. Larger bongs tend to be more expensive and are more difficult to transport. Large Bongs offer the most value for its price. 


Bong Joint Type

Our Bong Shop features a wide variety of joint types. The joint refers to the size and width of the glass connecting the bowl or nail to the bong.

A Larger Joint will allow more cannabis/tobacco smoke to enter the bong. 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm are the most common joint sizes which can be a male or female connection. Dab rigs are typically Male jointed and Bubblers are typically Female jointed; however, both can be interchanged for different joint adapters.

Bowl Vs Nails

Our bong shop will always include a nail or a bowl with the purchased bong depending on the option selected at check out. The intended use of the rig will determine the best choice


Banger nail

Typically Made of quarts can be used for dabbing or concentrates ( will also require a torch and (optional) carb cap/ dabber)



Used for smoking flower/bud



Bong Material

Our Bong Shop uses different materials for the construction of bongs which have their own unique characteristics


Easier to Clean, more varieties are available, generally more expensive, easier to break.


Harder to break, Flexible, Gets Dirty overtime and harder to clean, generally less expensive.



Bong Glass Quality 

Our Bong shop is keen to ensure that the best quality of glass is provided. The strength of the glass will be determined by the quality and durability of the bong. The quality of the bongs manufacturing determines the strength of the joint welds with higher quality bongs being made from higher quality glass such as borosilicate. A higher price point generally coincides with better glass quality



Bong Glass Thickness

Our bong shop contains a wide variety of glass thickness. Glass thickness affects the weight and durability of the bong. Glass thickness is measured in millimeters typically ranging from 3mm to 9mm. Thicker glass makes for a more solid bong which is harder to break. 


 Tips for Bongwater Level

The correct bong water level ranges between bongs. The correct water level will be that optimal level that hits just right when you take that drag!

A higher water level will reduce the volume of smoke that can build, so it's generally advised to put just enough to cover those bottom percolators.

Cover them first percs!

Certain users prefer warm water to build up moisture, which can lead to a cleaner hit.

Some would recommend adding a few ice cubes to produce a cooling effect. Ice Notches can be incorporated into bongs to hold the ice, it's basically a small indentation to hold the ice above the waterline.

Every bong is unique and has its own character.

Fill er up. cover them percs. And bong will tell you what works best. 



If you want to go all out with a quality bong: We Recommend a Large Percolator or Recycler that generally will provide the premium features aforementioned

-If you desire the bare minimums a small or medium bubbler or percolator.. will be more affordable. We also sell Dab rigs,  cheap bongs, Unique Bongs and girly bongs. Our Newest Bongs can be found here. Stickers may be bought here.


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