The Pineapple Bong

  • $110.00

This Gorgeous bong features a honeycomb percolator disguised as a pineapple!

Enjoy a normal session, while your heated smoke is instantly cycled through the percolator, which will transform your smoke into a million bubbles giving a hit as smooth as a bite of pineapple

What Else?

This glass is relatively thick measuring 5mm which means your beautiful pineapple bong won't break as easily (but please take care of your bong)

The joint width measures 18mm which is quite large and can accommodate a larger smoke flows = bigger rips.

At a height of 14inches(35.5cm), your bong can accommodate a good amount of smoke which makes for a good regular use bong.

The bong may be selected in the colors of Blue, Green, Amber or Pink!

Item specifics

Material: Glass  
Thickness: 5mm
Weight: .66kg
Joint: 18mm  
Height: 35.5cm =14inch  


Glass Bowl for Herb Included

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