RockyGreenKing Bong Shop FAQ

We have been in Business selling bongs since 2017, and our bong shop has a wide range of different glass sizes to service enthusiasts at every level. With our affordable prices, you can be sure to get rid of that DIY bong fashioned from fruits, paper, or metal (or whatever you used) and smoke with the pros.

Why Buy From An Online Bong Shop?

Some might say... Why buy a bong online? Why not just go to my local headshop where I can see, feel, touch, and handle my new purchase?

Well, our answer is: that is true. But we have over 100 bongs available - and our bongs tend to have more affordable prices, be of better quality, and we have a better selection than might be available at your local bong store.  

Return To the Bong Shopernet and make phone calls to bring you the best deals to our online store. If you see an item offered on our store for a better deal somewhere else, we will price match! (within reason or at least offer you a discount! :)   

How Long Does It Take To Get My Order?

We carry our Inventory in house and overseas. Due to Covid-19, our international imports for depleted items have ranged from 1 month to 3 months.

For our in house products, you get your item (usually in a week) with USPS ground shipping.

Please be aware - if you saw the china shipping at checkout, you more then likely ordered from our depleted inventory, and shipping for our restock items takes 1-2 months. In rare cases - 3 months. 

Can I Use These Bongs For Cannabis?

Our official answer is NO. Federally, cannabis is a controlled substance. We can only condone the use of our products with tobacco only or tobacco concentrates (vapes for example).


Please be aware that this is of a legal matter and it how the law dictates all head-shops to conduct business. Also, be aware that while the smoking age is 18 in most states, we require you to be over 21 to purchase from our bong store (for our own policy.)

What if I'm Dissatisfied With the Bong?

Send us a detailed message through "Contact Us" and we answer back Within 1 business day. For unused items, we offer returns with no questions ask for a full refund. We will provide you with our local returns address and refund once we receive and process your item. Shipping to us normally takes a week.

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