Vape Pen Shop & Electronic Rigs

More portable than a bong and more powerful than a pipe. Welcome to the Future get your vape pen today! 

Our electronic rigs let your control and smoke concentrates with a breeze

Vape pens come in three varieties:

Dry Vape pens- Ideal for vaporizing your crushed buds straight up. No need for oils or waxes. Put in your crushed flower and lighter up! eh... turn the pen on. no lighter needed.

Wax Pens - Ideal for vaping waxes 

Liquid Pens - Ideal for smoking your cannabis or tobacco liquid concentrates.

At RockyGreenKing we sell all three!!!... be sure to check back our ever-expanding collection.

Last but not Least our electronic rigs let you perfectly control your rigs temp without needing a torch!