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Rocky Green King

E nail kit + glass Rig

E nail kit + glass Rig

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Our e nail is the way of the future stoner!

Often times it can be a guess to get that ideal burn on that dab rig.. too high and it gets burnt instead of burned.

Worse yet improperly heated glass can break!

The e nail kit is the perfect solution! The nail temperature can be electrically controlled for the ideal heating temperature. And we will throw in a glass dab rig free of charge!

E Nail item specifics:

  • The E Nail fits all common male and female joint sizes to include 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm joints.


  • Made from a titanium/quartz hybrid formula for extra durability and superior heat conduction


  • Titanium carb cap included (to keep those precious vapors in)


  • One instruction manual


  • One 1.5m cable


  • One case 2 silicone concentrate containers


  • And one free glass bong!

Bong specifics:

Contains a honeycomb and coil percolator to get that dab smoke cooled and super smooth

14.4mm mail joint


Hurry deal ends soon!

Arrival in 1-4 weeks

Worldwide shipping

Happy toking! :)

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