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Rocky Green King

Wooden E Pipe

Wooden E Pipe

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This is the Wooden E Pipe (wooden electronic pipe). The wooden e pipe is a faux pipe that uses a ceramic cartridge to store your liquid concentrate, which can then be smoked easily without the need of dangerous and sloppy flame. The wood e pipe does it with a 900mAH preheating adjustable battery and can hold up to 0.51 of your vape liquid. 

While real wooden pipes hold heat better, look better, and dont shatter - the wooden e pipe modernizes the concept by bringing you a pipe that not only looks good and heats well, but is also trendy and does not need a flame!

Wooden E Pipe Specifications

Materials: Ceramic Cartridge

Capacity: 0.5ml

Coil: Ceramic coil

Battery Capacity: 900mah

Preheating time: ~15 seconds 

Variable Voltage: 3.0 - 4.2V

Charges: USB

Resistance: 1.2 ohm

Weight: 25g

Hole size: 1.2mm

Thread: 510

Color: Wood Color

How to Use the Wooden E Pipe

These are some general instructions on wooden e pipe usage:

1. Power on and off: Press the power button 5 times rapidly within 2 seconds

2. Press Power button 3 times to change the voltage. A green light = 4.2V, A blue light =3.7V, a Red light = 3.0V

3. Press the power button 2 times to activate 15 second preheating cycle

4. Can be used at 15 second bursts

5. If any of the lights flash 3 times there is a short circuit and wont output

6. The light blinks 10 times when a charge is needed

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