Pipe Shop

Get your smoking pipes! Ideal for smoking on the go. Try a smoking  kazoo pipe, Glass pipe,crystal pipe. As our collection begins to grow come back to check out our wacky, functional, and effervescent designs. :) 




*We realise that recreational marijuana has been legalized in many states and people are now busy trying to acquire pot pipes. However, these pipes are to be sold to you for tobacco use only. Not for pot smoking. Marijuana is not federally permitted. 


Smoke Pipes do not require water as bongs do and are generally more portable. Smoke pipes do not offer the filtration qualities of bongs and the smoke can be a bit harsh at times. If you desire convenience and price over quality then a pipe is the best bet. We offer both a silicone and glass pipe.


A smoking pipe may or may not contain a Carb (the small hole on the side) they are not needed on the small pipes - as the smoke can be cleared easily without one. Carbs are normally found in larger pipes... where there is more need to clear the larger smoke chamber.

Small Vs Big

Larger Pipes offer more time for smoke too cool just the same way a large bong normally gives a smoother rip. Larger pipes are less portable and harder to conceal then smaller pipes. For some, it's a personal preference.

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