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Spoon Glass Hand Pipes

Spoon pipes are class of smoking hand pipe that looks like a spoon. The Spoon pipe is composed of the bowl, mouthpiece, neck and sometimes a carb. These cool, spoon glass hand pipes can be purchased in a variety of shapes , sizes, and colors. Feel free to take a look or click to learn more details.

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Details On Our Spoon Pipe Collection

Affordable: These spoon glass hand pipes are affordable with some as cheap as $14.

The Colors:  these spoons can be bought in the colors: black, pink, blue, clear, yellow, or brown.

The CARB: Our spoons come with a carburetor, also known as a carb, which can be best used to control the airflow that is generating your smoke. You can read more information on using your glass pipe in our hand pipe smoking guide

The Size: Our spoons are small measuring 3.5" to 4" long, but are made of thick 6.35mm glass. That's right, these pipes are 1/4 wide at their thickest areas, so while the pipe might be a bit miniature, it still has the quality of being thick.