Where to buy bongs?

If your looking to support your local community there are normally smoke shops, also refer to as headshops, that will generally carry at least a few bongs on stock.

Unfortunately, unless you live in a competitive area, prices will typically be much higher than a bong that you can purchase online. Think of it as a convenience fee - you're paying more to get your smoking bong right away, instead of having to wait.

There is one more caveat - the selection might not always be as good as an online smoke shop, and if you live in a rural area you might not have any selection at all!  You might have to drive hours out your way just to buy a bong!

Advantages of Buying Online

At an online smoke shop, you will normally have a wider selection of bongs, more colors, and more sizes. Online there is no need to waste room on expensive retail space. Instead, all the extra floor space can go to having more inventory.

Prices are also generally much better online. The competition is fierce, so it's hard not to sell at a good price when your next door site-mate can easily beat your price.

Granted, there are differences in customer service. For example, not all stores are going to offer quick 1 week shipping. Fortunately, this headshop offers fast 1 week shipping to the continental United States at a low cost.


So, buy a bong at a a brick in motor store - or at a headshop?  If you want "fast", and "get now" bongs - you should see your local headshop. If you prefer a bigger selection, and a more affordable price point - then we recommend that you buy your bong online!


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