Why Are Bongs So Expensive?

Why are bongs so expensive?  I mean its just a piece of glass right?
Well yes, and no.

Well Crafted Bongs Cost More

Expensive bongs, the ones that are well crafted, are manufactured to a higher standard, and it takes glass experience and glass blower expertise to blow the tight pipe welds that won't break or leak.

Higher-quality glass material can also be more expensive to procure which can make manufacturing more expensive, and that also factors into the price of the bong. 

The Prestige of the Brand and Artist

But Hey! If you been around the block, you might have seen all the $hit crafted bongs that sell expensively for no apparently reason. So low and behold, there is such a thing as brand name, and artist recognition. 

Don't get me wrong, some brands are well made, which can partly explain some of the higher price points you can sometimes see. Then again, I'm sure you seen how overly hyped brands can make themselves on social media, so your best protection would be to do your research.

Expensive Glass Art is Subjective

Great works of art are truly in the eye of the beholder. BUT who's to say that a 1,000,000 dollar bong is worth a million bucks to someone else? 

When your purchasing a fine crafted piece of glass, your buying into art as much as your buying into the functionality of the glass. Some expensive pieces are actually highly functional, but what I might consider to look beautiful, you might consider to look ugly and not worth a dime.

Glass Labor Is Expensive

 A glass blower in the USA can make $50,000 dollar a year. If your seeking American made glass, believe me, your going to be paying a lot more. 

Chinese glass on the other hand, well lets just say the cost of living is cheaper. You'll see the lower price of glass transferred over to the selling price. Some Chinese glass can be trash in quality, but don't me wrong. Professional Chinese glass can often rival some of the best American made glass.

Are You Ready To Buy an Expensive Made Bong?

Ha, you were probably were reading this article to learn more rather then buy a bong, right? But here at RockyGreenKing we source from various locations, both overseas and local. We try to price items according to how we feel they should be valued at, and you can see our expensive bongs here

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