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We have a ton of inexpensive girly bongs available for sale but if you want to buy a cheap girly bong these are 3 of our cheapest girly bongs that can be bought affordably but are still decent pieces.

1) 10" Small Girly Recycler Bong

This girly bong might be small but it would be a far cry to call this bong cheap. This bong offers recycling, as you smoke, for smoother rips and comes in a very awesome pink, purple or green. This cheap bong can be yours today for the low price of $70.

2) The Girly Bong Percolator

This girly bong is a little bit more affordable, so we decided to add this to our cheap girly bong list. This bong has a honeycomb percolator to diffuse your smoke for a better smoking experience. It is small in size, which makes it easier for portability, and has a great pink color. We love how affordable this cheap girly bong is at $48.00.

3) Mini Purple Bubbler

Last but not least, we love this Mini Purple Bubbler. This Girly bong is colored purple and is very affordable at $47. This is a basic bubbler and is super portable!


And that's it for now!

If you would like to see more cheap girly bongs. Check out our Girly Bongs!

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