Cute Girly Bongs

These cute girly bongs are on the smaller size but absolutely adorable! We wanted to show you 5 of our beautiful girly bongs. Perfectly small for portability. These cute bongs hold less smoke but come in very pleasant shapes. Simply fill the main chamber with water, and smoke away!

Cute Duck Bong

This duck bong is super cute and comes with two little flippers and two little legs!  The bong measures a petite 5 inches tall. Fill this charming little bong with water and smoke away!

Pink Cute Girly Recycler Bong

This dainty girly bong is small in size, but sure packs a punch! Multiple tubes recycle your smoke, over and over so you get a delightful smoking session with all of the cuteness!

Heart Bong

What is a cute bong without love? This heart bong is adorable and small with a height of 2.8in. It is a small bubbler but super affordable at $22 dollars. If you want a bong that is small, cute and affordable. Buy this heart bong today!

Heady Cute Bong

Heady bongs are uniquely designed, and this bong is quite pleasant! Two bulbs help filter your smoke in this 7.8in dainty, heady cute bong!

Cute Multi Color Bubblers

Our cute bongs come in many different colors such as our cute multi-Color Bubblers. These bongs are simple and uses a single showerhead percolator to help bubble your smoke. These small delightful bubbles will make your day!

This was a small selection of girly cute bongs available to our bong shop. If you would like to view more of our cute girly bongs, check out all of our cute bongs today!

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