Girly Bong Reviews

These bongs are perfect for the smoker girl, or anyone else, that wants to have a pretty bong. You will absolutely fall in love with these beautiful pieces.

These bongs are basically full use and come in pink and purple colors. These bongs are manufactured to the same quality as others so just make sure you invest in a good one. After all, you get what you pay for! Browse below for Our Girly bongs reviews on what we have for sale right now.

#6 The Girly Bong Percolator

girly bong percolator

This is probably the smallest girly bong we have measuring at 8in. It is small and practical and good for the women, or fellas, that want a nice pretty pink bong to smoke on the go. It has 5mm thick glass, and only cost $48 bucks. Not a bad deal!

#5 The Hot Pink Bong

If you want a good quality bong to smoke out of, we reviewed this hot pink bong to be good all across the board. This water pipe hits nice, and has a diffuser and tree percolator to help filter your smoke. It also glows on the dark! This hot pink bong can be bought for $70 here.

#4 10in Small Girly Recycler Bong

Girly Recycler Bong

This bong is a nice entry-level piece for those females on the go that want a water-pipe that filters slightly more, but at the same time is still portable. At 10in and $70, we think that this is a great piece!

#3 Glow In The Dark Pretty Jewel Beaker Bong

pretty Jewel Beaker bong

This girly bong is great because it can be bought with a banger, for concentrates, or a bowl for herb. Also, It glows in the dark! Great for those sexy parties, or if you just want a nice quality bong. This a beaker style bong and measures 8in tall for $80.

#2 Percolator For Her 20in Bong

Percolator for Her

If you couldn't already tell, this bong is super tall, and runs clear off the screen! If she likes getting down to smoking sessions, she is going to love this! This 20-in girly bong is perfect for taking massive rips! It's multi-Chambered and Multi Percolated.

#1 Girly 14.5 Straight Tube Bubbler

Straight-Tube Girly Bong

We saved the best girly bong for last. You can buy this bong for $120 dollars with a bowl, or a banger for dabs. If you want to purchase a bong that is beautiful, and super wide - for those big chugs we recommend that you take a look at our girly straight-tube bubbler we have on sale now!


Well, that's it for now! If you would like to look at more of our girly bongs, just check out all the girly bongs we have on sale now! We have some great prices :)

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