8 Things to do while High

After Using a bong to get that sweet rip - there are 8 common things stoners do while high.

1) Eat

Not only does THC bind to cannabinoid receptors in the brain. It also increases the intensity of food flavor and aroma. By tricking the brain into thinking its hungry people often get the "Munchies"  


 2) Drink Water

Cannabinoid receptors in the mouth bind to THC which prevents the natural flow of saliva - better known as "cotton mouth." staying hydrated or eating an herbal cough drop can alleviate a dry mouth. 

3) Get Creative/ Contemplate

THC affects the brain in a way that neuroscientists don't fully understand. However, Researchers have found that THC closely resembles anandamide, a naturally occurring compound that affects neural transmission. The capacity of THC to allow continuous neural firing can make for unfettered ideas and creativity.

 4) Get Paranoid

Intense thoughts and unfettered thinking can lead some to paranoia... but dont worry - your likely to forget those aliens that were dressed as reptilians in our next point:

4) Forget Things

Stoners are known for their short-term memories. THC hinders the transmission of short to long-term memory - So Remember to Keep a Note Book! What were we talking about?

5) Laugh

Cannabis is known to stimulate the flow of blood to the right and frontal lobes - which is associated with laughter. So crack a good joke and you're sure to be laughing high as a kite!

7) Jump off a Bridge

Well, maybe not literally... but Cannabis has been long observed to aid users in chronic pain relief .. and eh.. bridge jumping. 

8) Sleep

Researchers have managed to find a correlation between cannabis and deep sleep. So take a hit and get ready for a goods nights rest. Cannabis has been reported to aid in sleep apnea and even reduce nightmares. 

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