How to Clean a Bong (or pipe) Without a Bong Cleaning Kit

Many specialized solutions exist for cleaning your rig without a bong cleaning kit:


  1. Isopropyl alcohol with 91-99% alcohol content seems to work best for cleaning even the dirtiest bongs (with the 99% concentration working best).
  2. Simply add an abrasive, such as salt, and shake the bong with isopropyl/salt solution until clean, empty and rinse the bong.  (In case of a pipe, some find it easier to fill a ziplock bag full of isopropyl alcohol to let soak for ~3 hours.)
  3. An extra trick that works well is warming the isopropyl alcohol in a microwaveable separate container. The warm isopropyl alcohol tends to take the bong grime right out.
  4. Take care to rinse the bong/pipe until all chemical sents are gone. It is not safe to smoke out the bong until the smell of all chemical residue is gone. This might take multiple washes. 
  5.  Consider investing in a good ash catcher. An ash catcher traps particulates before they enter the bong, and is an easy upgrade!

An ash catcher for keeping bongs clean as you smoke.

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