The Gas Mask Bong - Benefits and Drawbacks

The Gas Mask Bong

The idea of smoking cannabis with a gas mask bong is nothing new. The rationale is that by smoking through a gas mask - one has the ability to get the most potent rip.
Smoking in an enclosed space also known as "hotboxing" has long been touted as a way to increase one's exposure to marijuana's THC by secondhand smoke.

Increased levels of carbon monoxide.

Unfortunately, hotboxing does not come without consequence. Higher levels of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide may be present from the incomplete burning of the cannabinoids. Carbon Monoxide which is produced by the incomplete burning of any carbon material (which includes Marijuana) is given off with any burning of the substance - whereby gas mask bong, unfortunately, prolongs the exposure to these harmful substances.  While high carbon and low oxygen levels would seem to diminish the appeal of a using a gas mask bong to obtain a high, some redeeming qualities still remain.

The idea of hotboxing through a gas mask to obtain a stronger high may have even more credibility rather then it being purely a result of high carbon and low oxygen levels.


 Hotboxing may increase the high

In a 2015 study, researchers at John Hopkins Medicine reported a notable increase in THC from subjects that were exposed to second-hand THC smoke In an enclosed environment. Much the same way smoking with a gas mask and bong seeks to maximize THC exposure by preventing smoke escape.

Nevertheless, the question remains, is a gas mask a reliable means of getting a cannabis fix? It depends on who you ask.

Harsh Stale Smoke

Not all buds are created equal and maximizing exposure to harsh rip might be more painful then it is ultimately enjoyable. Not to mention the drawback of watering eyes from the smoke- and the harsh nature and taste of stale smoke. We much prefer other methods to the gas mask.



One can never go wrong with the bong or pipe. It is Sad to say that rips from a pipe or bong may not be nearly as intense as those taken from a gas mask... but that does not need to stop one from getting the benefit of a reusable cannabis tool without the harshness of smoking through a gas mask.

 Bongs and Pipes as a better alternative

For those that decide to use a mask, we highly advise that precaution is taken as having an airtight mask may not be the best of solutions.While the Gas Mask may serve as a unique and quirky delivery system for cannabis we much prefer to stick to the traditional bong or pipe.


-Rocky Green King

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