The Recycler Bong Demystified

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Why Would Anyone Pay for a Recycler Bong?

A novice smoker may choose a bubbler or a percolator, but a pro chooses a recycler bong.

Recycler Bongs can be very pricey but these bongs tend to offer better filtration and often come in better designs!!!

How is a Recycler Bong Designed?

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Recycler bongs will typically have multiple chambers connected by a network of tubes to help recycle smoke vapor through the water several times.

Having the smoke get constantly cycled through the bong prevents the smoke from going stale. In addition, The constant motion creates a dramatic water visualization, and the contact with water further cools the smoke for a cleaner less harsh hit.

Recycler Bong Types

The most common types of recycler bongs are the Incycler bong, Klein Recycler bong, and external recycler bong. Here we describe the specifics of each type.

1) The Klein Recycler Bong:

The Klein Recycler bong uses external tubes to take water from chamber to chamber. This picture features our Vortex Klein recycler bong.

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2) The Incycler Bong

The internal Recycler consists of any piece that uses internal piping to cycle the water and smoke. 

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This recycler bong also contains a percolator to help displace the bubbles and further cool the smoke. Percolators are common in recycler bongs.


External Recycler 

An outside drain tube creates a constant flow of motion This is the most common type of recycler bong.

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This recycler bong comes with a banger (for concentrates) but you could easily buy a bowl (for herbs) from our attachment shop.


Recyclers are typically bulky and may cost more. However, the Recyclers can offer the cleanest most rewarding rip money can buy. 

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