RockyGreenKing Proudly Presents our Badass Bongs

We sale many badass pipes and glass here at RockyGreenKing. To give you a taste of what we have to offer we present some of our dope ass badass bongs!

Badass Bong #1

Our Fab Egg Recycler is probably one of the illest bongs we carry also known as the herbal reactor. At $90 we dare you to find a better deal!

Badass Bong #2

Now what the fu$K is that a bong or a masterpiece?

Our Vortex Klein Recycler is a new addition that uses multiple tubing to cycle your smoke so it dont go stale. One word... BAD ASS!

Badass Bong #3

Simple Clean and bad ass!

Little bit more expensive - bites your wallet in the ass at $112 but common! it has a matrix perc! what more cool bad assery do you need then a hit that is perfect!

Badass Bong #4

Oh hell yeah, we got an inline perc and a tree perc to keep that smoking flowing!

one word


Badass Bong #5

Simple Potent - Bad Ass!

Fin ;)


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