Best Bongs For Sale of 2020

Here at RockyGreenKing, we've taken the time to locate some of the best bongs for sale. Here are our type 5 picks for bongs to buy in 2020.


  • Big Green Bong

Big Green

The Best Bong is a well Rounded Bong. Our Big Green Bong has the perfect amount of drag for the perfect smoking session. Nice Height and Sturdy Piece. On Sale now for a Price of $80.00USD


  • Penis Bong Bubbler

Penis Bubbler

Well, this bong may be a little eccentric we agree. Far from being the best bong in the world... this bong does not even have a decent percolator for goodness sake! However, the Penis Bong Bubbler does carry a diffuser and does best to showcase the unique designs we carry. Price sits on sale for $33.00 USD.


  • Glow in the Dark Bong


Probably One of the coolest things we saw. This bong can glow in the dark! One of the best bongs we've seen in its class. Functions as an ordinary Bong for the Most part. Price $58.90.


  • RockyGreenKing's Starter Bong

Our starter bong has the best in price. Might not be the best bong in the world but definitely the best price. For those that want a quick upgrade from the basic pipe to the best affordable water pipe, this starter bong is an easy $23.90.


  • Delux Glass Recycler

This Kid is like 10 bongs in once! Not only do you have one dual chamber honeycomb percolation... but  Two two dual chambers! recyclers within recyclers - to help filter the smoke (inception) Price: $209.00



Happy Toking! :)

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