Best Dab Rigs By Price

At RockyGreenKing we carry a wide selection of bongs and price points to cater to everyone's budget. Our entry-level bongs range from $0-$30; midrange $30-$50; premium $50$-$100 and expert range at $200 up. Without further to do, here is a sample selection of the different bongs we supply, as sold in our bong shop:

Dab Rigs under $30

These are probably the cheapest dab rigs we carry on hand. At a price of $18.99 and at a height of 3.3in...for under $30 - you get the bare essentials of a dab rig. The dab nail must be purchased separately.

dab rig at 30

A nice simple rig with a simple percolator, measuring at 8in, This dab rig breaks even at $30.

Dab Rigs under $50

Slightly more expensive than our under $30 rigs - this mini double recycler rig keeps smoke circulating as you inhale. Measuring at 5.5in and under $50 at $32.99 - you get the basics of what a premium dab rig would offer. 

Now we're talking! At only $10 more you get a 9in rig with its own honeycomb percolator. Still Under $50 at a price of $40.00.

Dab Rigs under $100

Now, this is when we start talking real rigs! Measuring at 9.5in this double recycler will leave any dabber satisfied. At under $100 at a price of only $75.00, this rig is the real deal!

For those that want a rig with thicker glass and a good old fashion perc - at a height 11.5in this rig will deliver with a price of $60.

Dab Rigus under $200

Not only is this Rig just plain crazy.. the amount of recyclers is just plain unnecessary! This rig can be yours today for a price of $112.

At just under $200 this rig has more percolators then you can count, more recirculation, and at 14in.. more room for a smoke! Get it today for $184


Happy Toking :)

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