RockyGreenKing Proudly Presents our Bongs For Sale

If you want to get a Bong For sale you have come to the Right Place

A lot of our products may sell out if you're not quick to act, so it's best to snatch up what you can. Some of these bongs are quality!

Check back every day for more sales!

Bong For Sale #1

First up is Our Rainbow bong for sale. It's purple, it's mean, it's lean, and [it's for sale!] Return it to the store if it Fcks up your blaze, cuz all we got to say is that this rig is chill as Fck! 

Bong For Sale #2

Next up is our triple cyclone recycler bong for sale. Have you ever seen a better-priced bong that triple filters your smoke? Get it here!

Bong For Sale #3

We would be foolish to offer a bong sale without a classic beaker bong - with a twist! Get it now, get it here, get it while it's fresh!

Bong For Sale #4

This Mini Purple bubbler is small, but packs a punch! It can be rigged up to use for nails if you even want. If you want to really have a bong sale… we got to give you the best!

Bong For Sale #5

This Penis Bong is probably the strangest on our list, but it is also the cheapest. And it is on sale now!. Can I get a hell Yeah?

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