Top Cheap Bongs For Sale at RockyGreenKing

If you're trying to purchase a cheap bong to keep that wallet from breaking:

Join us as we cover our top 5 cheap bongs for sale in 2018!


Cheap Bong #1 RockyGreenKings Starter Bong

cheap bong

Our Starter Bong is quaint Measuring at 6.5in(16.5cm)

Provides basic water filtration for the cheap price of $22 USD!


Cheap Bong #2 RockyGreenKings Silicone Bong

cheap silicone bong

Our Silicone Bong is virtually indestructible and measures at 20cm(7.8in)

This Inexpensive bong comes in 6 fun colors for only $12.99 USD!


Cheap Bong #3 RockyGreenKings Bareback Bong

This Bong is Tiny and can fit in the Palm of your hand!
The Sale Price is $18.99
Keep in mind the bowl and nail is sold separately for this piece.


Cheap Bong #4 RockyGreenKings Mini Double Recycler Bong

This inexpensive dab rig is great for those testing out the waters of dabbing. We have many cheap bongs online and this portable 6in rig is one of our favorites.

It's a deal steal at only $32.99

Cheap Bong #5 RockyGreenKings Beaker Bong

This may probably be the best cheap water bong you'll find online! It's only $33.99 but don't let the price dissuade you. This cheap glass water bong measures in at 11.2 inches. A great deal for a great price!


The best part all our cheap bongs online include free shipping!




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