Mini Bong Releases

At RockyGreenKing, we offer some of the best mini bongs to be sourced from the mighty, mighty internet.

Most of these mini bongs can be sourced from our mini bong shop.

Mini bongs are meant to be small and well.... mini!

Affordability and portability are the norm. But what should look for in a mini bong?  Here we present some of our favorites

Let's get started:

#1 Our Cheap Dab Rig

Just like any good mini bong, this small rig measures 3.3in so believe us its mini and borderline micro!

Its priced at $18.99 so your wallet shouldn't hurt too much. You can transport this mini bong with ease... it's even easier and smaller to transport than some pipes!

The only downside is that this piece does not come with a bowl or banger to use 

so best to buy a nail or bowl along with it from our accessory store.

Don't worry we sell plenty of attachments :]


#2 our mini double Recycler rig 

This mini bong is perfect for dabbing. But don't let the name fool you, as with any bong, the nail can be swapped for a bowl if one wishes to smoke herb with this mini bong bad boy.

At a price of only $32.00 this mini bong measures 14cm or 5.5in which makes it very portable.

 #3 our starter bong mini bubbler

This adorable mini bubbler bong is a little bigger than our others but since it measures 6.5 in we still class it as a mini bong.

The bent neck helps to prevent splash back when taking a hit. At only 23.99 we love this bong.


#4 Our Heady Mini Percolator

This gorgeous mini bong has an internal showerhead perc to help diffuse that head and make it a little less harsh will taking a toke.

Glass thickness is thinner at 3mm but at 16cm  or 6.3in in height,

So this bong meets the height requirements to consider it a mini bong.

It is slightly more expensive at 60 dollars but we still think its gorgeous!




 We hope you enjoyed learning about a few of our mini bongs which can be sourced through our mini bong shop.

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