Tornado Bongs for Sale : The Best Tornado Bongs

Tornado Bongs provide unique smoking experiences for those that are tired of those boring, bubble making percolators and want something different. In this case, a perc helps to spin the water and creates a tornado vortex in the bong. Here are some of the tornado bong brands we liked:


Hemper's Tornado XL bong is truly a unique design, and we liked the graphics and detail that they put in to the bong. You see a tiny cow floating and thunderstorm brewing, which will make a a lot of sense once that water starts spinning. In fact, this cleverly represents what can happen in a real tornado, and is quite humorous to watch when you get that vortex spinning and see what's responsible for keeping that cow in the air.

 Kings Pipes Double Tornado Bong

Kings pipes double tornado bong is another bong worth the mention.  Its a decent height at 12 inches and has 5mm thick glass. Are two disc percs better then one?  It's probably worth debate, but a double tornado perc is definitely worth looking into. 

Pulsar Honeycomb Turbine Perc

We love Pulsar's honeycomb turbine perc because they combine honeycomb percolators and a tornado perc all in one go! The pulsar honeycomb bong is sure to give you a fantasitc display of bubbles and spiral effects, because after all it does use the power of the tornado bong. 

RockyGreenKings Tornado Bong

Last, but certainly not least, if you want a gorgeous minimalistic bong with a phenomenal swirl, you might enjoy the tornado bong. The bong has a nice wide base, and measures 12 inches tall, which is great for both casual smokers alike. Check out the tornado bong

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