Guide to Buying The Perfect Vape Pen

The Vape Pen Guide

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Vape pens, or vaporizers, can be used for smoking herbs, oils, or wax. Discover how vape pens work, different types of vape pens and why you would even want to vape.

Why Buy a Vape Pen?

  • Vape Pens are affordable- Spend less than $100, even less than $50, on a premium vape pen, versus the $100’s of dollars that are spent on a decent piece of glass.
  • Less odor- vape pens tend to smell less than burning. Keep in mind, some concentrates might smell stronger than others
  • Portability- Vape Pens tend to be discreet and small, although larger sizes are also available

How Do Vape Pens Work?

The typical vape pen consists of the battery, heating chamber (also called an atomizer), mouthpiece, and charger.


The Battery provides power to the heating chamber and tends to be the longest piece. mAH is used to measure your batteries energy. More mAH means a better longer charge. A button is normally present and most vape pens have similar settings:

  • To turn on- Click your battery button 5 times
  • To adjust the heat- click your batter 3 times
  • To Inhale- Press and hold
  • To turn off - click your battery 5 times

Note: Every vape pen is different. Some pens do not contain a button and instead auto draw - which means all you have to do is inhale. Refer to your pen’s documentation for specifics.

Heating Chamber

The Heating chamber (also called an atomizer, vape tank, or cartridge) attaches to the battery to heat and vaporize your oil, herb, or wax. There are three varieties of heating chamber:

  • Conduction chambers- the heating element is in direct contact with your vape material and  is the most common type of vape pen
  • Convection chambers - vape material is not in direct contact with the heating element. Instead, hot air is passed over the vape material (effective baking it as you inhale). Convection is more efficient than induction and produces a better flavor.
  • Induction chambers- these heating chambers work by passing heat through magnetic fields (these tend to be less common)

Note: Some vapes have adjustable heating elements. Heating your herbs/concentrates for too long can burn rather than vape: diminishing its quality. Optimal burning temptress for wax ranges from 350-400. The optimal burning temperature for herbs ranges from 315-385. Burning at higher temperatures will increase smoke but may deplete the battery faster.


  • Mouthpiece- used to draw the smoke from the heating chamber


  • Charger - normally a USB cord, the charger is used to charge the vape’s battery

Note: Disposable vape pens contain enough charge to heat the tank and do not come with a charger

Types of Vape Pens

Vape pens are designed for smoking herbs, oil, or wax concentrates.

Note: Do not try to burn material your vape pen was not designed for, it’s possible to burn other material but not recommend. The viscosity between herb, oil, and wax differs. Your pen may get damaged if used with material its not designed for.


Our 4 in One Vape pen is an exception. This pen can be used for both herbs, wax, and oil.

Herbal Vape Pens

 herbal vape pens

Herbal vape pens are designed for herbs and typically contains adjustable heating elements.

Oil Vape Pens


Oil Vape pens are used for vaping oils and come with disposable(prefilled) or reusable cartridges.  Cartridges are normally 510 threaded, to fit standard vape batteries.

Note: certain brands may thread their disposable cartridges differently: so that it only fits their devices.

Wax and Dab Pens


Wax and Dab Pens typically use an atomizer coil to heat up your vape material. You’ll need a container to store your dab and a dabber* to apply your dab to the atomizer coil. Residue can build up over time, so scrape away excess wax. Keep your Pen upright to prevent wax from entering the mouthpiece.

*Note: Using fingers instead of dabbers can degrade your product by rubbing out oils. Also, the heating coil can get gummed up and fry out over time. Do not apply more than needed.  

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