What the Vape! What are Coil Ohms & Watts?

Sub-Ohm Chart

Modern Vape pens come with different power settings and coil strengths. Learn the difference between an Ohm and Sub-Ohm vapes and get your wattage right!

What Wattage Should I Vape At?

If you have an adjustable vape pen a higher voltage will increase your wattage, drain your e-liquid supply and reduce battery life. The benefit, however, is more smoke and more flavor (although some flavors do better at a lower power setting.)

Generally speaking:

  • Any power rating over 50W is considered advanced use

  • Any power rating under 10W is typical

Tip: Just because your Vape Pen goes to a high power setting... it does not mean you need to vape at that setting. Generally speaking, lower temps will produce cooler hits, save battery, and create less smoke.

What are Coil OHMS?

The ohm (represented by the Ω symbol) is a measure of resistance that determines the amount of heat your coil generates. Coils resistances very from vape to vape. Vape devices will also have some internal resistance. This must be added to the coil ohm resistance to get your total resistance.

Sub-Ohm Vape Chart

Tip: A Sub-Ohm Vape chart, like the one here, gives a guideline on how much wattage to use; however, it is always best to follow the manufacturer guidelines. (Coils are rated at different amperages and some may be able to take more or fewer watts then what is mentioned on the chart.)

The Most Common Coil Ohm Types

Vape pens can come in different Ohm classes: Standard-ohm, Low-ohm, and sub-ohm. Here we compare the drawbacks and benefits to each type.

Standard-ohm ( Best for Battery life and cooler smoke)

Standard-Ohm vape pens will typically power on under 10W. These Vapes are super efficient and great for beginners. Common features include:

  • 2-2.8 ohms standard

  • Coil does not produce much heat.

  • Low amount of vapor.

  • Vapes at a cooler temperature.

  • Battery lasts longer.

Note: Don't be tricked! Some Standard-ohm coils use Sub-ohm parts. Look at your wattage.

Low-ohm (Good Balance)

Low-Ohm Vapes provides a good balance between standard and sub-ohm vapes. Typically in between 10W and 50W. Common features include:

  • 1-1.9 ohm standard

  • Medium amount of vaper.

  • Warmer vape temperature.

  • Battery Life Decent

Sub-ohm (Best for Cloud Chasers) - Recomended

Sub ohm vape pens are less than 1 ohm: hence the term "Sub-ohm". Sub-ohm vapes use a ton of power: typically 40 watts and up, sometimes exceeding 200W! On most units you can also crank down the voltage and get standard ohm hits.

  • 0<1 less than one-ohm standard

On High Power Setting

  • Coil produces warm vape.

  • A large amount of vaper

  • Intense Flavor

  • Drains the battery fast.

  • Popular in box mod vapes.

On Low Power Setting (if adjustable)

  • Same as standard-ohm (last section)

Notes and Warnings

  • Only use coils that match the original ohm rating of your device. Improper coil matching can damage your power supply.

  • "Sub-ohm vapes" are not considered Sub-ohm unless they carry high wattage/power as well, some low powered devices carry Sub-ohm coils but are considered standard - they barely produce smoke.

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