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Rocky Green King

Thermal Quartz Banger

Thermal Quartz Banger

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This is the Thermal Quartz Banger. The improved design of the thermal banger over a regular quartz banger places the concentrate inside of an inner glass which allows for better heat distribution so that : your banger heats up faster, holds heat longer, and provides cooler and smoother smoke (because of the way airflow moves through the banger).

We sell this in 10mm, 14mm (for bongs 14mm-15mm) and 18mm (for bongs that are 18-19mm). Make sure you get a male if your bong joint is female and vice versa.


Joint Sizes Available: 10mm, 14mm, 18mm

Banger thickness of glass: 2mm

Joint type: female & Male

Bent Degrees: 45 & 90 degrees

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