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Rocky Green King

The fritted disc perc

The fritted disc perc

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Fritted disc bong for sale

  • The perfect treat. We have a fritted disc bong for sale to provide the ultimate in percolation power !
  • Smokey cool smoke to get filtered through a matrix perc, fritted perc and a tree perc to hit your lungs just right!
  • The tree perc known for its visual appeal is stacked on top and met by fritted percolator, which is king of percolation, by the sheer volume of bubbles and percolation produced!
Combined with a matrix percolator, at the intake, and you have yourself the perfect bong!

Item specifics

Height: 14" inches = ~36cm
Joint: 18.8mm
Net Weight: 1kg
Material: Borosilicate Glass

Free Glass Male Bowl Included!

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