The Matrix Wax Rig

  • $80.00

The Matrix Wax Rig is perfect for smoking concentrates.

  • This bong comes with a free quartz banger, a type of nail used for smoking wax/shatter, that can be easily swapped out for a bowl( if you desire to herbs instead of wax.)


Seamless Filtration

    • The matrix percolator increases the surface area of the smoke, by producing millions of bubbles, to produce a smoother toke.


    Decent Size


    • The Matrix Wax Rig Measures 9in tall (approx 24cm). A perfect combination of portability and size to allows greater smoke volume to enter into the chamber - and produces bigger tokes!


    • The nail joint measures 18.8mm (female) and a wider opening allows smoke to flow smoothly into the chamber


    Item Specifics


    Material: Borosilicate glass

    Height: 9in = 24cm

    Diameter: 50mmm

    Colors: Blue, Dark Red, or clear

    Joint size: 18.8mm


    Arrival in 1-4 weeks

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