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Rocky Green King

Glow in the Dark Bong

Glow in the Dark Bong

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Our Glow in the dark bong is perfect for smoking herb.

This basic water pipe bubbler offers basic water filtration for a smoother hit and it glows in the dark! 

Turn off the lights and watch your bong illuminate!


Our Glow in the dark bong comes with:

  • Blue Color - Turns Green in dark
  • 1 Free Glass bowl
  • Ultra-wide 18.8mm Joint connection for enhanced smoke flow
  • Downstem with a diffuser(breaks smoke into bubbles for a smoother hit



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Height:  24cm = 9.4 inches

Thickness: 4mm 

Joint Size: 18.8mm female

Color: Blue (Green in Dark!)


Type: bubbler

Extras: Free GlassPinch  Bowl and Downstem

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