The USA BONG KIT - with gear diffuser

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The USA BONG KIT* with gear diffuser Contains the ultimate collection of accessories needed for herbing up!

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Our Bong Kit contains: 

  • A 16 inch Glass Bong with Gear Diffuser and Turbine Disc for filtering the herbal smoke
  • One Herbal Grinder for Getting that Herb Crushed just Right
  • One Silicone Container with 6 storage compartments
  • One Metal Spoon Vape tool
  • One Metal Bead Pipe
  • One Glass Male Dry Bowl
  • One Discrete Rope Bracelet Pipe
  • One Quarts Banger - for dabs

With so many pieces to enjoy a bad ass session don't forget about the Bong!

Bong specifics

  • Material: Glass  
  • Height: 16 inches
  • Joint: 18mm female
  • Thickness: 5mm Borosilicate glass
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