The definitive guide to joint sizing and joint types

When buying your new bong one may feel awed, inspired by, and overwhelmed by the sheer number of bongs available.

Aside from making sure your bong has a decent set of percolators or a recycler What should you know about the joint size?

What is a joint

The joint is the component that connects your bowl filled with herbs( or your banger for concentrates) to the rest of your bong. The joint is an innocent and many times overlooked component that plays a large factor in the attachments and upgrades that one may buy for their bong.

Male or female joint
The joint may be male or female

A male joint must be used with a male bowl or bangers, and a female joint is only compatible with male bowl or bangers. (We sell many accessories for your bong based on its joint type)

Joint size
Joint size is also a major component of your bong. Large joints are typically 18mm and above 14mm for mid-range joints and 10mm for small joints sometimes referred to as micro joints. A larger joint size will allow for an easier flow of smoke into the chamber... smaller joints will create slightly more drag(the pressure required to suck in smoke). Some people enjoy more drag in their rip.

Note: increment of .5 is the technical term. For example, 14mm is the same as a 14.5mm joint. 18.5mm is the same as an 18mm joint etc. Some companies round up i.e from a 14.5mm and call it a 15mm or in our case round down to 14 mm.

How to measure your joint
For female joints measure the inner diameter

This is a 14mm female joint (inner diameter measured & 14 ticks counted)

and for male joints measure the outer diameter. It will be best to use a metric ruler. Measure the small ticks and that will be your joint size in mm. Simple! :)

This would be a 14mm male joint (outer diameter measured & 14ticks counted)

Joint angle

The joint can come out at a 45 or 90-degree angle.

90 degree joint

A 90 Degree Joint

a 45 degree joint

A 45 degree joint

Typically Joint angle is only a concern for the fancier of attachments such as ash catchers. Joint angle is typically not a concern for bowls or bangers.

Note: when buying attachments such as a (downstream)... it is important to know how your joint is angled... one might struggle to light a rig if the wrong joints are purchased as it will be harder to get a tight fit.

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